A digital solution to a major emergency situation is in place and ready for use.

Posted: 24/03/2020, Ninja Solutions AS

The rapidly escalating global emergency caused by the recent on-set of the coronavirus infection, has quickly paralysed our normal lives. Those who can work remotely have been confined to their homes, security checks to enter some workplaces have become tougher while some workplaces have shut down. The ones who do operate offer limited real-time knowledge to the employer or building manager of how many people are moving through their buildings and if they are authorised or not.

Ninja Solutions, an innovation technology company, has designed a unique cloud based application that can assist in managing the situation for office buildings and their users. By quickly moving all access identifications and defining the routes for each tenant, the building manager can take back control instantly. Once the business owner or manager decide to become an active responsible leader, they can quickly redefine the cross-contamination hotspots by reducing the risk of close-contact in public areas and elevator landing lobbies. Door handles and elevator buttons are notoriously difficult to maintain to an acceptable level of hygiene so by rendered these useless, the reduction in risk of infection between tenants and employees is reduced dramatically.

The key word is security, but in a new way.

Now that hygiene has been placed front and centre for important consideration, reducing the risk of infections in the workplace is a concern for most businesses moving forward. Responsible business owners have a duty to minimise the risk that these types of viruses highlight – a sudden outbreak that is quickly passed on by either physical or close proximity contact with an infected person or shared equipment. Security and lobby secretaries may no longer form an effective backbone for controlled access, add to this the contamination risk from multiple common touch points and the office building becomes a breeding ground crying out for an automated access system such as Indoor.ninja.
In large office buildings, security begins with a clear access system between the public and private areas with in its walls. That’s why this new application starts with the fundamental need to modernise the thought process behind access controls. The commonly used RFID plastic cards, we all tend to loose, have many flaws. They can be easily copied, they fall into the hands of some ill-intentioned persons while at the same time they are difficult to track and identify the actual person swiping the card in real time. Biometrics, the identification of a person by fingerprint or facial recognition, eliminates most of these risks. Madis Laas, Innovation Manager at Ninja Solutions: “The digital world provides new, fast and far more secure solutions. We are comfortable with having so much of our working life and communication on our ever present smartphones, adding access controls is easily adapted to with an app “

The Indoor.ninja access system currently has three defined levels for action.

All tenants within the buildings determine the access rights of each of their users based on the location of their workplace (floors, assigned doors) and also timing related to their needs or duties.

The first level is the access doors. These start with exterior doors, garage barriers, indoor access routes and fire exits, all being opened remotely through the touch of a finger on the persons own phone.

Secondly, each tenant can remotely call for an elevator and travel quickly to their designated floor(s). The same person is also given approval rights to welcome their guests in the same manner by remotely opening an access point or inviting them onto a private elevator ride.

The users choice of biometric authorisation adds an instant level of security, as there is no longer a question over the authenticity of the request. This makes the employee more responsible for authorising guests access as well as their actions within the workplace.

The third level connected to the previous two.  Preventing strangers from being able to enter the private areas of the building. In most cases this relates to couriers and delivery personal who are now directed to a centralised parcel box system.  The delivery is placed into the box against the name of the recipient on the screen. Once placed, the recipient receives an instant message inviting them to retrieve the document or parcel when they see fit. The instant notification on their smartphone and corresponding e-mail also removes the intervention of a 3rd party lobby secretary or security guard.

Using the Indoor Ninja platform offers the building owner the opportunity to fully inspect the way their tenants use the office space while reducing the number the layers required for access approvals. Each tenants not only controls the access of their employees but also that of their guests. Exposure to virus and infection risks are instantly reduced as all users navigate using only their own device without the need to interact physically with commonly touched infrastructure.

The uniqueness of Indoor.ninja’s digital solution lies in its ability to integrate with many existing access systems as well as to develop new solutions from other manufacturers. All current access control points of buildings can be transferred to the Indoor.ninja platform and to users’ mobile phones rapidly, without having to replace existing systems, rather a quick plug-in.

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Transfer your access cards to your trusted smart phone!

We are mobilising forces to upgrade multi-office access systems. Now is the time to move all access rights to your tenants ever present smart devices.

ICT-ProtegeGX | Inner Range | SALTO KS | FoxSec | dormakaba | EuroPark | Valnes & more


Approving, revoking and controlling access rights in real-time is the fundamental core for any security system if it is to be effective. Easily transferable RFID plastic cards and key fobs are unreliable as a source of identification so we move users access preferences to their ever present mobile devices.


Once installed, each user is instantly provided with their unique list of door locks and access points in line with their privileges.


Administrators can instantly create and manage access rights for groups of tenants over several buildings or multiple office spaces from a single application.


Once the office building is connected, the building administration sets up and grants the master access rights for each tenant company. Their representative then manages the access rights of their own team.


Our IT delivery infrastructure is built on Google services which delivers the highest level of uninterrupted delivery possible.


Replacing transferable RFID plastic cards with biometric identification functionality, which is present nowadays in modern smart phones, takes security to the next level at every office.

We offer single or multiple mobile-controlled door locks that are untethered from the overall central building solution. This is ideal for the management of technical rooms where users can have granted access during scheduled times.

Please note that before we can implement our digitisation for an entire building’s access systems we would required the permission and written approval of the owner or a trustee authorised by such. Once all parties are on board we can quickly bring your teams up to date with mobile access.

We recommend to start with the mobilization of access cards and then to move on to next phases. Please see our video, which introduces the possibilities.

Add on to existing systems

You do not need to replace anything – we add the mobilization functionality on top of the existing access control solutions, made by:

ICT-Protégé, Innerrange, Salto Systems, FoxSec, Dormakaba, Valnes and others.

Open doors from smartphone!


As users move their trusted bank cards, id-cards and all manner of loyalty cards to a single mobile device it is only natural that access should be the next step. The inbuilt biometrics choices of today’s smart devices make these highly secure. Much more than transferable RFID cards, fobs or keys that have no relatable connection to the user other than an issue signature.

If an employee or tenant leaves the organisation, all access approvals to office spaces or buildings can be instantly terminated. No waiting for access card returns.

Mobile keys

Each individual is instantly provided with points of entry assigned to them.

Notifications - Visitor Kiosk

All guest arrivals are announced via the kiosk’s camera directly to the inviter’s or secretaries device. Once verified, an entrance door or a secure elevator can be remotely opened for them.

Smart centralised parcel delivery

Adding a Parcel box to the lobby will reduce the number of couriers and unknowns moving around the building. With instant notification of delivery, each user can pick up the parcel at any time.

Streamlined administration

A dedicated HR manager or company trustee can easily add, approve, change or remove resource and access rights for their company.

Timed-period functionality

Pre approved access passes can be created for a clearly defined period of time.

Manage multiple locations

The cloud based management system allows the administrators to manage multiple tenants or employees over several locations.


Our solution comes with a set of predetermined user interface screens however we do offer custom designs for companies or landmark buildings. Each module will show on the screen depending on the functionality requested. Locks, Parcel Box, elevator controls as well as Visitor kiosk screens depicting the visitor photo are all defined clearly.


(Prices can change depending on installed systems. VAT and extra devices not included.)


from 200€
  • Touchscreen
  • Modern building guide
  • Digital phonlock
  • Parking registration


from 200€
  • Notification for the recipient
  • 24/7 parcel delivery
  • Connected to all building users
  • Convenient


from 500€
  • Secure
  • Biometric identification
  • Real time access control
  • Always with you


from 175€
  • Closable floors
  • Lift calls for visitor
  • Lift calls for yourself
  • Remote control


Please send an e-mail denoting the address of your office, business building and the landlords contact.  From this we will be able to take steps, to welcome you to the latest technology in mobile-first access solutions.

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